Friday, July 16, 2010

Colo Bondz

Colo Bondz is a Nigerian native from the East, currently residing in the great city of Washington DC, originally living in New York City. Colo has elevated from being just a street team worker for New York's radio station WBLS at the age of 16 to now being noticed as an international artist. The evidence is in his music. With 10 underground CD releases, Mr. Bondz has spanned his craft to range from being recognized as a fierce mix tape artist to an actual original performer with unlimited style and creativity and ability to catch ears and bop heads in different parts of the world. Beyond unfair life circumstances that crossed his path like his best friend's drive by shooting death in the state of California, the death of his God-Sister from sickle cell complications, death of his very first DJ and friend, dear mother having diagnosed with cancer and survival of a life threatening car accident, he has overcome a lot of situations that could have made anyone give up on their passion. Colo fought through and even successfully began walking again after being told he would never walk after the car accident. He never stepped away from the music. With an unbelievable delivery, superb and creative song structure, powerful lyric content and melodic cho­ruses, Mr. Bondz can capture the hearts and minds of all who listen. This artist plans to bring great music and storytelling in the best lyrical delivery possible to anyone that listens. He has been bred in 2 great continents and has a goal of using both styles to alert every listener to the realities of both worlds but not forgetting to make you dance or feel the music the way you should. His mission, to make great music, educate many of the harsh realities of both worlds he has lived in, and assist many less fortunate that have gone through similar experiences he has gone through. An artist not yet signed with the majors, but planning to make great music and have his own charity? One word, remarkable!

Comments by ARs and Some Atists Managements-

"COLO BONDz is a talented and very creative artist who's music will touch several genres of listeners and won't stay in one lane" -- Chris Celestine, D2 Management for Trey Songz

“COLO BONDz is a really cool artist. I like the pop direction he is taking with his music.” Touch, A & R Def Jam 

And to US (HOMA) We think He's Wonderful and Awesome, He sure makes Beautiful Music. ;)

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