Saturday, July 17, 2010

AK48 Explains the 3 categories of Girls- Lepa-Medium-Orobo

AK48 was born Akin Akintunde in the late '80s in Lagos, NIGERIA, the eldest of three children and the only male child. He briefly attended High School in Surulere, Lagos before departing for the United States as a teen. 

AK48 started rapping in 2001 in secondary school where he would engage in freestyle battles with classmates and also compose songs off-head while others beat the desks to create a rhythm. He did not really take music seriously at that time even though he had a lot of people continually tell him that he had the potential to become relevant in the music industry. He started composing songs around 2004 and did some recording which never got released.

AK48 he has since returned to rapping as of 2008 and is currently working on a mixtape called Ground Zero: Tha Sequel which is slated for release later this year Tracks such as 'Emi', 'Gbono Feli freestyle' to mention a few have been released and featured on websites and have also garnered some positive reviews so far ( , 

AK48 is currently located in Dallas, Texas where he attends school and records his music, AK48 is the phenomenon to watch out for... The Weapon of Rap Destruction Has Arrived!

Lepa Medium Orobo-