Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Pays Tribute To Late Artiste, Da Grin

Even the President Acknowledge HIM- Great Barrack O'Grin-

The new president, Goodluck Jonathan in a speech at the University of Port’s convocation paid a tribute to the Late rap artiste, Da Grin. Goodluck Janothan, who is an alumni of the University was present at the event where Ex- Governor Donald Duke was given a honorary doctorate. In his speech, Goodluck Jonathan referring to lost talent in Nigeria mentioned the rapper’s names – Olanipekun Olaitan and he also informed of rap artistes he met in the UK who let him know they can’t wait to come back to motherland.


KAS breaks the Shell of East African Artists in Malaysia!

Kas is a Tanzanian New Kid on the Block, though from a Tanzanian Rap Group- Now He's in Malaysia to bring changes to the Game alongide other dedicated African Acts...

He seem to be the 1st East African Acts who decided to come outta their shell. And We expect more from Him as time goes by.

His Influence in the Music Industry is Akon, and other similar acts.

Click the Music Player Below to listen to his Banging Track- Baby Don't go.


Better Life Video Preview

A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ) just release their 1st official video preview- Better Life- from the Album- Best of Both WORLDS yet to be released.

Stay tuned and watch out for more videos from A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ), You know they make Beautiful Music.

Below is the Video Preview from their FaceBook Page..... Its Thrilling...

Rogers Y.Jacobs a.k.a Rogers a.k.a Gwariboy was born in croc city(Kaduna) Nigeria..A Gospel singer,Rapper and Producer,one amongst few without the knowledge of playing any live instrument.While growing up he was a member of various Gospel singing groups like The Joyful Singers,Sweet Miracle Singers,aBBa,an active
tenor and can as well sing soprano and alto.

Went to a missionary high school and that was where he got the chance to explore rapping.His early influences included Bonethugs & Harmony,Common,Talib Kweli,Eric Sermon,2pac,Joe(Joe Thomas),Jagged Edge,Boys II Men,Keith Sweat.Rogers was more into freestyling until 2003 when he wrote his first song titled "Geemoney" nonetheless he never got the chance to do a record but was active on street-hops,shows and concerts, while in college and back home(croc city).

Late 2005 was the year he got to record his first singles titled "Jah Partey"(God's Party),"More than enough" and You're the one"...The single"Jah Partey" got radio airplay and immediately moved to no.1 on the local hiphop/r&b charts,that made Rogers a household name in Croc city and performed in many school and church concerts.He went into musical production later that same year(2005) and his sounds went even further than his songs coz he became the pioneer of what is known as "The mobile studio" in croc city..

Rogers's production gained him recognition both home and abroad and has worked on thousands of sounds and a lot of known and upcoming artistes both in croc city,Abuja,Lagos,Minna,Jos, Adamawa and lots more....Rogers recorded a lot of rap songs,r&b and gospel,when asked when his album was gonna drop he always replied "i'm still doing audios for practice"..He moved to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2008 to further his studies..he hadn't the chance to do a record of his own coz of academic demands and all but just like before his sounds went further.Nevertheless he's done collaborations with artistes in Malaysia such as A2B(Afro Asian Brothazz), YoungStunna,Aklo,Freewill a.k.a Geerules,Namoh and lots more...

He is currently working on a mixtape and a whole lot of projects thus he has 3 nominations in the African Entertainments Awards Malaysia 2010 for best R&B artiste,Best Inspirational/composer song,and best collab feat the A2B and Halfeyez....In his own words "I Just wanna be able to create the type of music that is both original and marketable coz one cant get personal with this Music"



African Entertainment Awards (Malaysia) 2010 Award Winners


Malaysian Based

1. Best Male (Artist) - King Lhota

2. Best Hip-Hop (Artist) - Half Eyez (Swaggamaniac)

3. Best R&B (Artist) - Rogers (Real Love)

4. Best Rap (Artist) - Deuce (Shooting Star)

5. Best Pop (Artist) - Nonee (Hail)

6. Best Reggae/Dancehall (Artist) - King Lhota (Rise Up)

7. Best Group -
A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ)

8. Best Collabo - Britella ft Young Stunna & Alloi (Leave Am Oh)

9. Best Dance Performance (Solo or Group) - Sound Circus (Jamalo)

10. West African/Central African Act of the Year - Da Benja (Telele)

11. East African Act of the Year - N/A

12. South African Act of the Year - Amayzing

Mainstream (Home Based)

1. Best Media - N/A

2. Best Deejay International - Deejay Neptune (Nigeria)

3. Best Mainstream Act - N/A

4. Artist of the Year - M.I.

5. Song of the Year - Free Madness (Terry G)


1. Best Fashionista Male - Mohammed Abore Baba

2. Best Fashionista Female - Whitney Kane

3. Couple of the Year - Ladyboss Alyssa Haris And Elvis Skido

4. Finest Man of the Year - Princewill Austin

5. Finest Lady of the Year - Unyime Essien-Ibok

6. Famous Person of the Year - Bruno Roy

7.Best Rock-hard School of the Year - Limkokowing Univeristy of Creative Technology, Cyberjaya

8. Best Deejay of the Year - Deejay Flava

9. Best Club / Venue of the Year - Titanium

10. Best Party / Event of the Year - Duncan Mighty Live (Strong Hold Entertainment)

11. Best Organizer / Host of the Year - Top Notch Party


Recognition Award

1. Best Favorite Malaysian Artist - N/A

2. Pioneer of African Parties in Malaysia - Ladyboss Alyssa

3. Special Achievement Award - N/A

4. Best Inspirational Song / Music writer / Composer - Justin Kingland (The World)

Congrats to all the Winners once again!

The list is still being updated and formalised with pictures too. Stay tuned.