Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude (Explicit)

Rihanna - What's My Name? ft. Drake

Something for y'all to smile with-
Rihanna- oh nana whats my name?
Person-why are you asking your grandma your name?
Rihanna-oh shut up and drive!
Person-but it's raining!!!
Rihanna- then get under my umbrella.
Person-who do you think you are?
Rihanna-the only girl in the world
Person-no you are not!
Rihanna- i love the way you lie......

T.I. - Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown [Official Music Video]

I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)

And I just heard some1 say-

2006-Akon-I wanna fuck you
2010-Akon-I just had sex.
Poor guy had to wait 4 years. (LOL)

Hitman Presents Babs with "MOVE IT"

Hitman Presents Babs is a duo music team consisting of Hitman (producer) & Babs (artist). the duo met in 2008 through a mutual friend. since then being tryna work together.

An Ex-A2 BrothazZ Member, after moving on from A2 BrothazZ, Babs joined a Band called Comon Ground & performed with them for about year, he eventually left the band in late 2009 to work on this "MOVE IT" single. the song as being produced since January 2010, but cuz of the international analysis, we needed to wait to get a full thumbs up to release it. Hitman presents Babs are currently promoting thr first single titled "MOVE IT". Its a Pop, Hip Hop, Trance Electro, House music & most especially dance music anthem. This Single is Currently NĂºmero UNO on HITZ.FM TOP 10 METZ CHART in Malaysia, where BABs is Based at the Moment... enjoy :)


You can also DOWNLOAD MOVE IT FOR FREE HERE: "Yeah We know Y'all Love Free Stuffs"

Indonesian Born Malaysian Raised ReNNi-Reign drops new track- I'm in Love

By NOW, What else can we say or do, than to give KUDOS to whom it is due- Indonesian Born Malaysian Raised A2 BrothazZ/A2 RecordzZ 1st Lady (ReNNi-Reign) drops a Banging Reggae Track feat. Dat Yoruba-Boi...

Listen to the TracK and Comment... We think She's good... one of the Best so far....
We also Love the Jazzy Filling & Feeling in the Reggae Track...

Another Beautiful Music indeed...

Stay Tuned for MORE Coming Your WAY from A2 RECORZZ FAMILY here on WPENT 

Renni-Reign to drop more banging tracks this year!

I'm in Love- RENNI-REIGN feat. DAT YORUBA-BOI (Produced by Ife-Ezy)


WORLD PREMIERE- One in a Million- Ife-Ezy feat. Jazz

Yet another one, not a Surprise, but an Expectation of Quality Delivery. Ife-Ezy partners with Jazz to release a Banging R&B Track- that has already been making its wave and been on a favourite Play List of A2 BrothazZ & Jazzs Fan...
Here is Jazz comment about the TRACK- "My MUM LOVES IT"

Beautiful Music indeed...

Stay Tuned for MORE Coming Your WAY from A2 RECORZZ FAMILY here on WPENT 

With All DUE RESPECK, PLS PRESS PLAY- One in a Million (Produced by Ife-Ezy)

You can purchase the song from this link- BUY ONE IN A MILLION


AU (Freestyle)- I RUN IT

Out of more than a Trillion Freestyles that is thrilling the world today comes the hot banging hardcore freestyle from A2 BrothazZ's and A2 RecordzZ's Rapper- AU... He's been underground for sometimes now, but decided to give his fans a tip of what they should be expecting in few weeks to come as other banging tracks will follow this very track-

I present to you, I RUN IT by AU..

This track is a officially National Anthem now.... if you know you run things and things don't run you, then chorus along with AU- "I I I I Run it"

This track has been trending twitter sing yesterday, and is still trending.... We totally feeling it... yo...
(Produced by Ife-Ezy)


And Now the 2nd Official New Year HIT from A2 RECORDZZ- AU feat. Ife-Ezy & ReNNi-Reign- LIGHTER (WORLD PREMIERE)

Happy New Year once again, Barely after More than 24 hours when YOUNG STUNNA RELEASED HUSTLE DON PAY, The 2nd Official New Year Banger was released by A2 RecordzZ, AU feat. Ife-Ezy & ReNNi-Reign.
Its is a Party JAM that Lights up the Mood in a Party/Club. And The Bilungual RAP Makes the Track hotter as AU is also one of the TOP Rappers in the African Community in South East Asia and UAE.

He says "Pass me the Lighter, Walahitalai, I go set this place on fire"

Enjoy the Track Fellaz. This is Another HIT. A2 BrothazZ has done it again.

Produced by Ife-Ezy

You can purchase the song from this link- BUY LIGHTER


We Open this Year with Brand New HIT from YOUNG STUNNA feat. BRITELLA NO.1 in HUSTLE DON PAY (WORLD PREMIERE)


1st we know what comes to y'all mind. "You thinkin' like Ohw, Is that not another Maga don Pay song?" Well We are proud to tell y'all, Its HUSTLE DON PAY not MAGA DON PAY.

He Opens the New Year with a Brand New Single- HUSTLE DON PAY, feat. BRITELLA NO.1, this is an HOT NOISE IKO MUSIC Collabo. 1st in the year 2011. We consider it the 1st Single in this year 2011.

The Single Explains his Hustling in his Music and the Zeal and Strive to make it, He said, "He Made it"- HUSTLE DON PAY.

Young Stunna is one of the TOP Malaysian Based African Acts/ Rapper.

This is a Young Stunna Production-

Download it from here- HUSTLE DON PAY