Friday, July 16, 2010

Bringing your Memory BAck- to the Certified Ballers- A2 BrothazZ

A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ) is an interracial Band based in Malaysia, and one of the Top 3 Artist in Malaysia in the Category of African Acts!

And As we all know Nigeria is the Hub of Entertainment in Africa and No.2 in the World After its counterpart U.S.A. Well it's a good news to know the BrothazZ are Certified Nigerians from Osun state and Rivers State- PH. City. and the Sista in the Crew is from the Hub of Entertainment in Asia- Indonesia which produces lots of great Talent from South East Asia.

Here are 3 of their songs from their forth coming album- Best of Both WORLDS- (Africa "Nigeria" & Asia "Indonesia"). They for sure will rep both continent well. Because their style of Music ranges from different Genre- Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, World Music, House Music.

They have worked with likes of Rogers, Half Eyez, Ray Zeem, Natty' Darlin', Britella, Dat Yoruba-Boi and Many more... in the African Malaysia Music industry and as a matter of fact they are also one of the pioneers of urban music in Malaysia after ANON.

Four Souljaz, One 1st Lady- Viz- Ife-Ezy, AU BABAY, Gentle Ray, ICEZ & ReNni-Reign.

One point of attraction in this wonderful people is that, their 1st Lady also sings in Pidgin English, Ikwere, Yoruba and Igbo of course with the help and cooperation of her BrothazZ.

She Loves African and Hearts Nigeria, but She is Proudly Asia (Indonesia).

Track Listed Below are-

Show Off, Partynizer feat. Half Eyez & Rogers and Don't Worry; Be Happy feat. Ray Ze'em. All Tracks in forth coming album are produced by Ife-Ezy

With all Due Respect, Please Press Play-