Monday, July 26, 2010

T.I. - Got Your Back ft. Keri Hilson [Official Video]

TI Got your back feat. Keri Hilson.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

GENERAL S-REALLA Hits Back with "NIGERIA IS WAITING" this time feat. MICAH

Srealla is back with a New Hard Joint- Flows so sick, Beat so Mad... now feautring one of the Newest Baddest Producer in the Game- MICAH...  General S-Realla says its Time to Make a Change in Nigeria Music Game, but we say He will be making Change in the International Music as a whole... because Nigeria Entertainment is No.2 in the WORLD after its US Counter Part.

Word is that MICAH produced the BEAT- RESPECT...

With all Due respect, Please Press Play.



Saturday, July 17, 2010

AK48 Explains the 3 categories of Girls- Lepa-Medium-Orobo

AK48 was born Akin Akintunde in the late '80s in Lagos, NIGERIA, the eldest of three children and the only male child. He briefly attended High School in Surulere, Lagos before departing for the United States as a teen. 

AK48 started rapping in 2001 in secondary school where he would engage in freestyle battles with classmates and also compose songs off-head while others beat the desks to create a rhythm. He did not really take music seriously at that time even though he had a lot of people continually tell him that he had the potential to become relevant in the music industry. He started composing songs around 2004 and did some recording which never got released.

AK48 he has since returned to rapping as of 2008 and is currently working on a mixtape called Ground Zero: Tha Sequel which is slated for release later this year Tracks such as 'Emi', 'Gbono Feli freestyle' to mention a few have been released and featured on websites and have also garnered some positive reviews so far ( , 

AK48 is currently located in Dallas, Texas where he attends school and records his music, AK48 is the phenomenon to watch out for... The Weapon of Rap Destruction Has Arrived!

Lepa Medium Orobo-



Friday, July 16, 2010

Ife-Ezy Drops Rap Track! All Eyes On Me ft. Just Plain Sash

Track Name- All Eyes On Me...  by Ife-Ezy of the A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ) feat Just Plain Sash (A Malaysian Rock Artist). This is Ife-Ezy's 1st Rap Track tho. But Word from him is that this is his only rap track... Ife-Ezy sings and produce... so his fans should just see this has a bonus...

The Track is also produced by Ife-Ezy and co-produced by Just Plain Sash in the area of the Rock Feeling in the Track.

Word from our snitches is that the track is as a result of a controversy btw him and another artist in M'sia. But the Source isnt confirmed yet, but we do know that he has some beefs with few artists... in the Game, although hey threw the first shots, and Ife-Ezy has said this is just the beginning, he plans to take them one by one... that's why the addressed the track to whom it may concern.

Ife-Ezy is one the Top Producers in the African Markets of Malaysia with the likes of Young Stunna, Rogers, Suprano, Micah and McCarthy. He is sure one of the Best with his versatility in different Music Genre...

He his also working on more collabo with other Malaysian Artists as well African Artists.

He has worked with the likes of Ray Zeem, Rogers, Half Eyes, Dat Yoruba-Boi to mention a few.

When asked when his crew's album is dropping, He replied and said, Soon, Y'all just watch out, for Best of Both Worlds before Year End Most Definitely.

Other Members of the Crew A2 BrothazZ
(Afro-Asian BrothazZ)are also working on their own solos as well. What can we say? They are prooving to the world they are talented individually, people shouldn't limit their ability to just the crew, because there is more to what they see... on the outside- "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" Our Album is woth the wait, because its the Best of Both WORLDS! said- Gentle Ray of the A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ).



Bringing your Memory BAck- to the Certified Ballers- A2 BrothazZ

A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ) is an interracial Band based in Malaysia, and one of the Top 3 Artist in Malaysia in the Category of African Acts!

And As we all know Nigeria is the Hub of Entertainment in Africa and No.2 in the World After its counterpart U.S.A. Well it's a good news to know the BrothazZ are Certified Nigerians from Osun state and Rivers State- PH. City. and the Sista in the Crew is from the Hub of Entertainment in Asia- Indonesia which produces lots of great Talent from South East Asia.

Here are 3 of their songs from their forth coming album- Best of Both WORLDS- (Africa "Nigeria" & Asia "Indonesia"). They for sure will rep both continent well. Because their style of Music ranges from different Genre- Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, World Music, House Music.

They have worked with likes of Rogers, Half Eyez, Ray Zeem, Natty' Darlin', Britella, Dat Yoruba-Boi and Many more... in the African Malaysia Music industry and as a matter of fact they are also one of the pioneers of urban music in Malaysia after ANON.

Four Souljaz, One 1st Lady- Viz- Ife-Ezy, AU BABAY, Gentle Ray, ICEZ & ReNni-Reign.

One point of attraction in this wonderful people is that, their 1st Lady also sings in Pidgin English, Ikwere, Yoruba and Igbo of course with the help and cooperation of her BrothazZ.

She Loves African and Hearts Nigeria, but She is Proudly Asia (Indonesia).

Track Listed Below are-

Show Off, Partynizer feat. Half Eyez & Rogers and Don't Worry; Be Happy feat. Ray Ze'em. All Tracks in forth coming album are produced by Ife-Ezy

With all Due Respect, Please Press Play-



Colo Bondz

Colo Bondz is a Nigerian native from the East, currently residing in the great city of Washington DC, originally living in New York City. Colo has elevated from being just a street team worker for New York's radio station WBLS at the age of 16 to now being noticed as an international artist. The evidence is in his music. With 10 underground CD releases, Mr. Bondz has spanned his craft to range from being recognized as a fierce mix tape artist to an actual original performer with unlimited style and creativity and ability to catch ears and bop heads in different parts of the world. Beyond unfair life circumstances that crossed his path like his best friend's drive by shooting death in the state of California, the death of his God-Sister from sickle cell complications, death of his very first DJ and friend, dear mother having diagnosed with cancer and survival of a life threatening car accident, he has overcome a lot of situations that could have made anyone give up on their passion. Colo fought through and even successfully began walking again after being told he would never walk after the car accident. He never stepped away from the music. With an unbelievable delivery, superb and creative song structure, powerful lyric content and melodic cho­ruses, Mr. Bondz can capture the hearts and minds of all who listen. This artist plans to bring great music and storytelling in the best lyrical delivery possible to anyone that listens. He has been bred in 2 great continents and has a goal of using both styles to alert every listener to the realities of both worlds but not forgetting to make you dance or feel the music the way you should. His mission, to make great music, educate many of the harsh realities of both worlds he has lived in, and assist many less fortunate that have gone through similar experiences he has gone through. An artist not yet signed with the majors, but planning to make great music and have his own charity? One word, remarkable!

Comments by ARs and Some Atists Managements-

"COLO BONDz is a talented and very creative artist who's music will touch several genres of listeners and won't stay in one lane" -- Chris Celestine, D2 Management for Trey Songz

“COLO BONDz is a really cool artist. I like the pop direction he is taking with his music.” Touch, A & R Def Jam 

And to US (HOMA) We think He's Wonderful and Awesome, He sure makes Beautiful Music. ;)

To Listen to his music and interview on 88.1 FM in the US please press play->
WARNING- The Song Baby is very Addicted hehehehe, Good Tune!  

To Play Please scroll up to the Timmynaija Online Streaming Radio and Press Pause/ Mute, then Proceed back here to Play

Check out his other Materials @ &



Young Stunna Holds it DOWN! For His CITY PH CITY Nigeria.

Young Stunna Holds it Down for PH City Nigeria... Its no doubt that Malaysia is the habour of African Talents...

Young Stunna is a PH artiste currently based in Malaysia and a student of Mechanical Engineering..  and is usually described by people as being the premier unsigned hiphop act in the region.

The VIMA Award, AVIMA Award Winner and AEA Award nominee has done a lot of collaborated with different artists in the game, currently did a  collabo with Universal Republic recording artiste, Black Dada.
This spawned 2 remixes of Black Dada’s “Imma Zoe” and “Rags to Riches” featuring Rick Ross.
He’s currently being managed in Malaysia by Hot Noise MGMT and Internationally by One
Mind Entertainment.
Young Stunna Holds it down with this new HOT Single produced by Rimz- HOLD IT DOWN.