Monday, November 30, 2009

"Making Naija Proud" Congratulations to A2 BrothazZ, Young Stunna and Sound Circus on their Nomination for Vima Awards 2010

The Word is out that the Interracial Hip-Hop group has bagged their 1st Nomination at Vima Awards 2010... Sheduled to take place in January...

Nominated for Best Hp-Hop Group and Best College Act, our Beloved A2 BrothazZ, Certified Nigerians and their Indonesian 1st Ladies are all set for the Award. Hope they Bag the 2 Awards though, its a tough World out there...

We are Proud the Are Making Africans Proud and Asia in a way...

A2 BrothazZ are also scheduled to drop their debut album in December/January.... 2010... titled- Best of Both Worlds.... Stay Tuned and don't for get to vote for them.

Best College Act

Esty Raphaelle

Rosevelt Band

A Ruthless Cleansing

An Honest Mistake

Jonah Sithole

A2 BrothazZ

Best Hip-Hop Group


Sound circus


A2 BrothazZ

Alexander The Phatos


Other African Acts that was also nominated for other Award Category includes- Young Stunna, and Sound Circus.....

Young Stunna...

Best Hip-Hop Solo
Jin Hackman





Young stunna

Best Hip-Hop Song

Altimet & Ning Baizura – Mimpi

Micbandits- Cantik Rupamu

Micwrecka – I need To Speak (DJ Fuzz Remix)


Young Stunna (feat James baum and Half eyez)- Rain dance

KiD (feat Andy) – Hustle Alone

Sound circus – Jamalo

Alexander The Phatos- Walk On By

SSK feat sipanitera and Dizzy&The – Chenta

Kraft (feat Mia Palencia)- Diamonds

Sound Circus...

They are sure Making Nigerian Proud... Go Guyz, Bring it HOME!

Voting Starts this Week! Stay tuned for the Update from WOPEENT


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Something for the Ladies... Are U shoeholic....?

Here is somethin I came across its, lame, cool and funny.... its something for the ladies.... u know... i know y'all gonna like it.... YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Tinu.... with Shoeholic.... Nice tune

It reminds me of A2 BrothazZ, Show Off--- We are expecting a Video form the FOLKS... We know its gonna be the BOMB!!!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Bistop of Bracket finally came out of his shell and opened up

I remember when i was having a chit chat with Vast of Bracket when i was asking what happened to Bistop of Bracket, their Manager came to take over and answered the questioned, and he said Bistop had other things to take care of and that he has moved on to take care of other things but there was no misunderstanding in the group.

And to my greatest shock, today we got the real News... and the truth has been heard.....

Here is what Bistop says...

Jealousy came from my group cos I’ve got more swagga. Ego came from our sponsor cos I was my group’s leader in decision-making. He used money to make my group (Bracket) betray me because he sees me as a threat to his harsh ways of conduct. They betrayed me after after ten years of being together. They call me BISTOP, the origin of bracket and presently the owner of the newest single on air called ‘’’CELEBRATE’’’. I call that song “CELLEBRATE”” because it’s a breakthrough for me. I was never given the chance to express what happened to me in my group. They blocked every chance for me to seek the press or media, constantly feeding the masses and my fans with huge lies that I dropped out of the group because of academic pressure, parental pressure and most of all, they said I was never serious with the group’s reheasals etc.

My beautiful people, all you heard were all lies. I was forced into going solo after a 90% near to completion of “ least expected’” (Bracket’s most recent album). They laid allegation behind me, made their judgment behind me and made their decision behind me. By deleting my voices from my songs, sold it to a marketer, went for concerts without giving me a dime from ten years of my sweat. I remember when I’d call their phone, they would not pick up, out of trying to shut me out from being heard from, but now, they call my phone trying to seek a way to make me not release the song CELEBRATE on air. I said to them, “nothing personal, I have to tell the world what you did to me” I was not meant to make it but here I am and I promise you in three years from now, the name BISTOP will be a brand that will open most doors.

BIRTHDAY: November 29

INSPIRATION: God, my friends who serve as my mirror to see what I am doing what to do and when to do it.

ROLE MODELS: Many but Jay-A, Akon and 2face.

MY BEST RIDE: Chrysler 300

ADVISE TO FANS: Don’t do it because people do, do it because you want to.

Finally, I wanna thank all my fans and the press for constantly asking after me. I promise to make an album that’s more than an album but something you can resite on in the future.

Hmmm... this i exactly what happened to Plantashun Boyz.... and what almost happened to Styl-Plus...

We are yet to hear from the rest of the group members.... Stay tuned...


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pussycat Dolls boss: 'The girls aren't splitting up'

Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin has again dismissed reports the girl group has split, despite overnight stories suggesting singer Nicole Scherzinger is no longer in contact with the rest of the band.

Antin has laughed off all rumours suggesting the band is no more and she issued a new statement on Wednesday, to deny the latest one.

In the missive she sent to website, she writes, "The Pussycat Dolls are very much ALIVE and there is NO truth to the silent treatment statements.

"Nicole and the Dolls have ALWAYS been close. Nicole is and always has been a strong creative force within this group and I cherish the way we collaborate."

Source: WENN


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pussycat Dolls 'split for good'

The sexy pop stars decided to take a break from performing together earlier this year amid rumours of in-fighting and jealousy aimed at frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger from other members of the group.

Bandmember Kimberly Wyatt recently insisted the Pussycat Dolls brand would always continue, despite differences of opinion between the girls.

But sources tell New York Post gossip column Page Six that the stars are preparing to announce an official split, because they have all turned their backs on Scherzinger.

An insider tells the publication, "It is war. They have broken up for good. None of the other girls are speaking to Nicole, who they believe took the limelight, then went off to do her own thing."

Source: WENN


Racism in Malaysian Entertainment Industry- One of African’s Top & Finest DJ’s in Malaysia his experience, Non-Exclusively...

Racism in Malaysian Entertainment Industry- One of African’s Top & Finest DJ’s in Malaysia shared his experience- “What I heard didn’t make me feel good been African in Malaysia”

Gone are the days when Malaysia was no where to be found in the Global Music Industry.
Sometimes, many people kill your spirit when you hear about what our people have been doing here… A lot of favours have been turned down to non-talented Arabs rather than been an African. It weakens my spirit but it almost time all this will be over.
If anyone can hit any of Malaysian radio station he don he’s made for life; much less an African.
Some brothers said we are wasting our time, but we gonna keep on trying, because 5yrs ago it wasn’t like this in Malaysia ... We are getting there…
We can overtake them if there is great supports of funds…trust me!
Malaysia is all about money and u gonna get what you want and in that case, you need to get a Chinese...
Malays are fine with there credit life... lol…
Indians would only rip u off your money and don’t want any good for blacks, but the Chinese are business Minded Fellas...
As a brother, lemmie tell you a secret ... “To play one African song on radio station cost 25rm ... via Chinese; and it’s only like 1ce a week ...
Trust me, if anyone ever comes to you and say you should pay 5k-10k... brother, they wanna rip off your pocket. I’d been ripped off 5k for playing' ma mix on radio...
DJ fuzz was able to sling in 2-3 tracks of mine into his mix for do me ... my mix... big boy ( my mix ) and also champion.
Just to get em' familiar, he got someone for it when they find out it was African music… You wouldn’t know why I said this.
2 hrs ago... I was at Bukit Jalil, at Astro studio… and what I heard didn’t make me feel good been an African in Malaysia...
It was a meeting of foreign DJs in Malaysia to submit their mix for radio show and they didn’t say anything in English... but, qualifying' me as a Negro ... because I was the only African DJ
They accepted 13 DJ mixes in total from 13 DJs, with my mix …
They didn’t even listen to my mix to know what inside; they returned it to me for non-parented and non-understandable tracks which could tally there image.
All tracks in my mix are clean version ... do you know the other 12 which are like Europeans, Arabs and 2 Australians...They accepted them and smile and said they are gonna get back to em' in a week, and mine was returned back in just 5min received ...
Well, one of the Arab guys that understood Malay told me they said Africans are not approved to make any inclusion with there country in any ways!
Tell me... if we as Africans here in Malaysia are not really wasting our time.
You see all these clubs and shit... They just wanna use us to make money and nothing else.
No promo, neither do they care about what you need for that show or party... just come and do your shit and bounce off!
Am not trying to discourage u, but I am reconfirming my 23rd ticket to Naija to next available seat next week... “No place like home bruv”
They see talent in us, but they never wanna admit it...
I was in DJ competition 2 weeks ago. When i start first and second battle... I go to the semi-finals… Because I 'm into the semi-finals and repping Africa as whole though, I had to withdraw.
I got different attitudes from other DJs that are my friends who are locals and they were against me...
They invite me many times, and I ignored their invitations, but, due to the fact that my Turntablism tutor, in other to maintain ma friendship with him’ I was urged to stay and I did...

They are far laid back regarding entertainment... trust me... you think they don’t love us regarding entertainment been blacks? But fuck it bruv! I just pray they won't set us up for what we good at.
They can't stop my shine. Well you wouldn’t know how I felt today, for them to waste ma ass time to make a quality mastered mix worth of 3.5kRm and just give it back to me without reviewing it at all.
By tomorrow morning now I’d just forget about it.. I’m just gonna get high right now and soon as i finish I’m gonna send all away!
Everyone is scared to deal with Africans and most especially Nigerians and it doesn’t make sense to me.
Before I approach any places why most I claim say I am from UK, just because I stay there? Probably because if you say you are a Nigerian, they won't open a gate for you.

They should remember that most Malay Workers are working in Nigeria and making Millions of dollars, living like a King. The government knows, but, they don’t care about our government because they know our government doesn’t give a fuck about its citizens.
20yrs ago, we are the one who gave the palm kernel to grow palm oil which contributes 25% to revenue to this country and do you know what 25% is. “War go start soon u go know”
I don’t just wanna spend stupid money in this effing country anymore, but it’s all good...
Safe bruva!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Susan Boyle album 'sales bonanza'

The 48-year-old Britain's Got Talent runner-up shifted more than 130,000 copies of her debut album as it went on sale yesterday.

Experts at the Official Charts Company said it is now set to become one of the fastest sellers of the decade.

I Dreamed A Dream looks to be on track to vie for the accolade of having this year's biggest first week sale, a record held by JLS for their self-titled which sold over 230,000 copies earlier this month.

The album features her version of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables which catapulted her to fame when she performed the song on Britain's Got Talent which left judges agog at her voice.

It also includes the standard Cry Me A River, as well as covers of Madonna's You'll See and The Monkees' Daydream Believer.

She said: "It was my greatest ambition to release an album and I have finally achieved it. There is happiness out there for everyone who dares to dream."

Susan launched her album with a performance on The X Factor on Sunday during which she sang her version of The Rolling Stones song Wild Horses.

Music retailer HMV said initial sales from the chain and other entertainment retailers suggested SuBo's debut album has been selling an amount that most major new albums would typically sell in a week.

HMV is now also predicting that the album will be the Christmas No 1.

Source: Associated Press (AP)


Rihanna was once so embarrassed by rumours she landed her record deal by embarking on a sexual relationship with Jay-Z!

Rihanna was once so embarrassed by rumours she landed her record deal by embarking on a sexual relationship with Jay-Z, she couldn't look him in the face.

Rumours surfaced alleging the Umbrella beauty was more than just the rapper's business acquaintance when she first made it into the industry.

And even Rihanna's close friends in her native Barbados believed she'd jumped into bed with Jay-Z to seal the deal - but she insists she was never romantic with the hip-hop star.

She says, "It was like: 'Of course she had to give Jay-Z oral sex to get that deal.' That rumour was everywhere in Barbados and it was so disgusting. It made me feel really weird. I would even be weird around Jay-Z. I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye.

"One day, he called and he was like, 'Yo, you can't buy into these rumours. You can't let people move you with anything they say.' The rumours got very funny to me after that.

Source: WENN


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh “Osuofia” regains freedom after N1.4m ransom

Six days after he was seized on the Port Harcout-Enugu Expressway, the popular Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh, aka Osuofia, on Saturday regained freedom from his abductors.

Owoh‘s freedom was said to have been negotiated by members of his family who paid N1.4m, SUNDAY PUNCH gathered.

The kidnappers, however, continue to hold on to the actor‘s car pending the payment of N100,000 balance, a member of the family told SUNDAY PUNCH on the condition of anonymity.

The source said the family could only raise N1.4m out of the N1.5m demanded by the kidnappers.

Our correspondent gathered that the family members pleaded with the abductors to release his vehicle but all efforts proved abortive.

It would be recalled that the actor was abducted on Monday when a gang of kidnappers reportedly blocked his car as he made his way towards a film location in Enugu.

Owoh was said to have been in his country home in Enugu, the Enugu State capital, when he called his Personal Assistant, Mr. Cino, who was in Lagos, to inform him of his intention to go to Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

Shortly after, another call was reportedly put across to his Personal assistance, Cino, this time by a man who claimed to be a member of a gang that kidnapped Owoh.

The kidnappers‘ original demand was N15m, but the ransom was said to have been negotiated to N1.5m, out of which the family was said to have paid the N1.4m.

It seems the Next Line of Business in Naija now is to be Kidnapping Business! People Watch out!

source: TimmyNaija


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Partynizer presents RAJA NAS'S Schoolz Open Album Grand Launch on the 12th of November @ The Palace KL , Level 2 & 3 , Sheraton Imperial Hotel , Jalan Sultan Ismail , 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Who is Raja Nas you might ask..

Raja Nasruddin Bin Raja Ismail, assign to be called as 'Raja Nas' or 'Nas' only. A working producer, composer, songwriter, vocalist and a publisher. He was born on the 3rd of November 1989 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Started to play music at the age of 4 years old and learn to compose with piano by his mother 'Shahariah Sabarudin'. At the age of 14 to 16 years old he has been influence with many in the industry. His house production and lyrics started from Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 2005 than to Malaysia on 2008. A passion in music through travelling and listening to the worldwide genres. He has perform on stage in the Middle-East, Indonesia and Malaysia. Through the streets of New York, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bali, Bangkok, London, Melbourne and Singapore.

This young, talented and upcoming Malaysian rapper just dropped his debut album SCHOOLZ OPEN, featuring superstars like Altimet and Vandal; making this album an internationally certified product.

Not only will this be an album launch.. but we're also celebrating Raja Nas's 20th Birthday! Its gonna be a collabo!!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to kick it with


The Agenda:

From 7pm to 10pm it will be the official launch with the Media, VIPs, friends, fans and family with DJ FRENCH KRIS SPINNING ON THE DECK.

After 10pm, it will be THE AFTER PARTY alongside the Party Starter presents STIMULUS.

Promotions :-

1 JUG BEER : RM50nett / 2 JUG BEER : RM95nett

1 Black Label / Absolute Vodka / Bombay Sapphire : RM299nett
2 Black Label / Absolute Vodka / Bombay Sapphire : RM580nett
3 Black Label / Absolute Vodka / Bombay Sapphire : RM810nett

Tequila : RM10nett ALL NIGHT LONG.




Tickets are selling at RM30 and you'll be receiving a copy of Raja Nas's Schoolz Open album.



Partynizer 012 63 83 247

Venue, Place and Time!

Start Time:- Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 7:00pm

End Time:- Friday, November 13, 2009 at 4:00am

Location: The Palace KL , Level 2 & 3 , Sheraton Imperial Hotel , Jalan Sultan Ismail , 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Venue, Place and Time!

Start Time:- Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 7:00pm

End Time:- Friday, November 13, 2009 at 4:00am

Location: The Palace KL , Level 2 & 3 , Sheraton Imperial Hotel , Jalan Sultan Ismail , 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Well C U there.... Its Not to be Missed!

Check out yo bway here!


General PyPe!

Talented NIGERIAN PYPE is the definition of the raw ghetto beauty. He's blessed with a structure that stands side by side with nature. A slim size, but large with so much creative endowments in music entertainment. His versatility spans wide which ranks PYPE as a perfect piece of art in all spheres of art. His style epitomizes the rare beauty in the ugly realities that exist in the society. Endowed with an appearance which shows a direct contrast of what his versatility and wit in music can achieve. This BOUNTY KILLERS stage protégé whose resounding notes speaks of total freedom from the fetters of the harsh streets. As a creative entity, theres so much to study from showcasing this unique talent, a rare gift whose strong voice and rendition is reminiscent of the classical era. Born and raised in the ghetto, PYPE is a true ghetto soldier who is determined to show the reality about the ghetto. Born Majekodunmi Olayiwola Ibrahim, in the early eighties, his love for the ghetto children is very remarkable orchestrated by his series of experience, while growing up. He is not happy with the way our greedy politicians ruin the lives of the youths, to satisfy their inordinate ambitions. The politicians dem nuh care bout we at all. Dem murder we future evryday likkle pickney dem lack proper brutupsy, the basic thins wey dem need fi grow mi wonder why dem call we the future leaders when a whole heap a dem busy suffer we Says Pype on his painful views about our politicians on their disastrous negligence and the rate at which its affecting the modern society. His major lifestyle model is, Dancehall phenomenon; General Bounty Killer (as he fondly calls him). His roles in the lives of many people in Jamaica, the way he has affected the society, defending the poor and the oppressed even showing them affection is quite challenging. There can be only one Bounty killer when it comes to Dancehall. His lifestyle, his leadership qualities all forms the basis of my inspiration he claims. His deep passion and love for Jamaican-originated culture of reggae and dancehall has infected him and he has continued to infect his street-based fans, with Jamaicas gift to the world. He strongly believes that, a day would come when all the frontline acts in dancehall and reggae will gather in Africa on a tour to unite and heal the nations. The absence of good record labels around his hood, to promote unadulterated dancehall, has however not jeopardized this world- class musicians ambition to impact the society positively as soon as he breaks through every limiting wall. His versatility in delivery, has been linked to many dancehall acts from Jamaica but he can be described as a man overflowing with music and melodies that deal with the more harmonious aspects of life and living he has been showcasing as a future music star, since he was ten years old he was an active member of a ten- man orchestra band as the bass singer dont be surprised however that he can read to some extent, music notes the group performed together at major landmark events for about five years till they broke up at the dawn of the millennium. His journey into reggae/dancehall is not a surprise to most of his peers because of his association with his Jamaican friends, It can be best said that, His rare gift of a voice that can turn any genre around, nurtured by passionate desire, his humorous and, down-to earth personality, the quest to be the best, explains the value attached to his name PYPE an acronym for: Prolific Youth Positive Entertainer and, in every sense of the word, he is a tube, that allows, his irresistible lyrics to flow through. This creative and artistic entertainer, endowed with good songwriting skills, has over 90 personal compositions and still counting, condemns those who try to copy and imitate the Jamaican culture without paying homage and respect to the origin of this culture. Jamaica stands for the truth and there is no way you can be accepted as a true dancehall artist if you are not certified by them I hope to make a remarkable difference by doing things the right way and that is; winning the love of the people of Jamaica and spreading it all over the world. He grew up listening to the likes of Beethoven, Frank Sinatra, Barry White, Don Carlos, U- Roy, Bob Marley; other favorite artists include Supercat, Wayne Wonder, Sean Paul, Barrington Levy, Sizzla, Buju Banton, and Spragga Benz. These musical influences, along with Pypes style, have merged, to create a unique career for him. Currently with XXL UNTERTAINMENT/PODIUM RECORDS, his management company. They have been responsible for his breathtaking live performances and showcases. In order to establish and navigate his career properly, they have continued to explore avenues that will expose him to his waiting fans internationally. He is not one of those artists ready to join the queue the truth is; he has created a queue for others to join in the world of creativity. With a couple of experimental songs like Ghetto vibes, Come with me, hes also featured on songs like; Tears from the ghetto and Calypso by Badder Boiz under the same management. To every ghetto, every city all over the world. The beauty, the struggles, the joy, the pains, the reality, of GHETTO part of you and me, is waiting to be unveiled by this thoroughbred PYPE; with his massive skills, to heal and entertain the streets with hits, we can only get in the mood to move and groove, till Shiloh....



The ultimate DJ BATTLE is back in town:

with DJ CLUE (SA) on the far right and DJ FLAVA (NIG) on the left hand corner and the referee DJ (D'BOY) in the centre. Yes 3 DJ consoles in one nite of pure Mayhem only at MIST CLUB, BANGSAR (12th Nov). U've to be thr to believe it..

"THE BATTLE NITE" is d first of its kind in out for d BESTof d TWO MOST OUTSTANDING AFRICAN DJs - DJ CLEO (South Africa) & DJ FLAVA (Nigeria) live in MALAYSIA ..... its gonna be a nite 2 show da DIFF...All d way from SOUTH AFRICA...@ MIST CLUB, BANGSAR - 12th Nov..& TITANIUM CLUB - 13th Nov .u cant MISS it ...its not a HYPE but a REALITY

Date : 12th Nov
Time : 10pm
Gate Pass : RM 60, VIP RM80, LADIES - RM50 B4 12.30pm
Dress code : Dress 2 impress.

Date : 13th Nov
Time : 10pm
Gate pass : RM 80, VIP RM100, LADIES - RM50 BE 12.30pm
Dress code : Dress 2 impress.

Come all and support ur favourite Dee JAYs


Monday, November 9, 2009

Hip Hop and The Occult connection

I'm speechless! See wat Most Music Idol are into! Well, i kinda take back ma WORDS! Cant Sell Ma soul to the Devil... this people are evil! U worship the devil, u get fame, money and everything within a tinkle of an eye! shap shap! But if U Worship GOD Almighty, with Patience U will Smile, Coz ...that which GOD giveth Last forever, but the devil's is only for a while, it might look like forever, but its for a while!

Well here's a nice series about the occult in the music industry... Hidden meanings in Rihanna's Umbrella Song and Disturbia, and about the tranformation rituals these singers undergo. Like Beyonce with Her Sasha Fierce... and this "Rain Man" personnage that keeps coming back.

tiffany evans madea diary of a mad black woman singer rihannaDiary of a Mad Black Woman actress and singer Tiffany Evans insinuated on her Twitter account yesterday that Rihanna worships the Devil as a Satanist and called her new song “Russian Roulette” irresponsible for its glamorization of suicide.

The 17-year-old “Star Search” winner wrote: “Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket!

“You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep,but not murder deep.

“Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprise. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

“Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.

rihanna-russian-roulette-promo-photo single barbed wire eye of horus patch freemason illuminati devil

“Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.

“Being in this industry for many years, I’ve come to realize artist and labels need to be held accountable for their actions. I strongly feel that artists, whether they like it or not, are role models and should act as such. I am opposed to the freedom of speech or artistic expression, but there are certain rules to be followed.”

So a 17-year-old girl has more common sense than Rihanna to know suicide and guns are probably not things people should be toying with.

source- Editorial Staff


B4 watchin the video- in a nutshell the artist that are reported to be in this secret society are- Jay-Z (the main Loyalist), Kanye West, Snoop Doggy, Eminem, Beyonce (Sasha Fierce), Rihanna (
Russian Roulette), biggy smalls, tupac

See the Video in here!

If U really got the TIME, sit and watch it fro chapter to chapter!


Another ATM!

It is Now Officially reported that Mercy Johnson is kinda pursuing a music career... Now We got another ATM- Actor Turned Musician!

The NollyWood with the Biggest ASS-ET in the Game has joined the league of the ATM....

The beautiful actress is presently in the studio working on debut album scheduled to hit the market in the second quarter of 2010. Mercy is said to be working with some top music producers such as ID Cabasa and Don Jazzy.

Two of her singles will be released around Christmas, to be followed by a music video.

Source: City People Magazine


Breaking News Osuofia (Nkem Owoh) Kidnapped

Osuofia (Nkem Owoh) Kidnapped: Kidnappers Demand 15 Million Naira as Ransom
Report reaching 9jabook is that Nkem Owoh Nigerian Popular actor/Comedian/Musician populary known as osuofia has been kidnapped.

Our Sources said that Osuofia called to inform them that he has been kidnapped. He was kidnapped along Enugu-Port harcourt Express way.

The kidnappers are demanding 15 million Naira as ransom.

We will update you as the story develops !
Meanwhile watch your back if you are a celebrity as It seems after Pete Edochie,Now Osuoffia who is next ?

Nollywood be on the alert !


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mo'Hits Reply Kelly Handsome

On September 30th, Kelly Handsome released a Diss track on Mohits Crew and Terry-G and we can say BOY aint smiling @ all! I guess Kelly took the move of publicity, I wonder who adviced him to do that! That person only wanna ruin his Career! I also heard some people saying, he wants to be the 50cent of Africa/ Nigeria (Dissing Anyhow)... Na Wa O!

Now its November, though it ain't official, but On his DON JAZZY, Twitter Page wrote, "Kelly Handsome diss Mohit, sooooo? like i care" I guess that the only Reply He Needs! and He gotten it already!

Now from our conclusion, Mohits is telling Kelly Handsome, that Silent is the Best Answer for a Fool!

And On Terry-G, Same Issue, after the Kelly Handsome diss, He released his New Single/Video "Test the Microphone remix" and from our conclusion, he tryna send a message to Kelly Handsome, that he will keep on testin the microphone, even with his mad attitude, he's one of a kind!

Well Who WIN who Lost on this ISSUE?

Its Obivious NoW! Mohits & TerryG Win the battle, Sorry Kelly, Try Better Next time! and Try somethin esle, and We hope U already invested in somethin fruitful with the Maga don Pay HIT Money... coz if not, well We cant shout! LOL...


Saturday, November 7, 2009

We are Africans

Its Not a Lie that the WORLD started from Africa, even with all the discrimination going on in the WORLD today, The Fact still remains that the WORLD Started from Africa.

We are Africans! Africans AWOOO!

Here is the Original and the Remix of the Video, this Video is Very Very Catchy Ya!

We are Africans (Original)

We are Africans Remix


The KOKO Master say KIMON!

Whether You Like it or Not, D'Banj is is gonna be a Legend in African Music Entertainment Industry and the WORLD @ Large.... Here is His Latest Music Video KIMON which Features American Video Model Bianca Simmone...
We Kinda Like it... Its an AWOOOOOOOOO!