Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lami Phillips

Lami Phillips is a singer, songwriter, educationist and youth leader. Her music is groovy yet timeless, versatile and fun. Her lyrics are insightful and relevant, speaking to every day life and peoples constant inner wrangling.

Lami finds inspiration in real life and expressive living. In unanswered questions and peoples experiences, especially her own. Her passion for making a difference, passion for love and life and a need to express something that is larger than herself compelled her to take her musical journey to greater heights. I've realized who I was born to be and what my gift is. God gave me this gift. I didn't work to get it; but I've worked hard to make it relevant and unique.

Lami's first album project Intuition, which drops November 2009, is a mirror of her minds interpretation of life. With a range of influences from Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott to Common and Tupac,
Intuition is a fusion of neo-soul and hip-hop. Working with some of Nigeria's hottest and unique talents eL Dee, ID Cabasa, MI, IKON and OJB, Lami has succeeded in producing a unique blend of contemporary African flavour and classic soul music.

The first single Know, which was produced by and features MI, was, according to the singer, instinct, organic, easy and felt necessary. The song simplifies the complexities about love. It makes you feel good every time you listen to it.

On the second single, the Syndik8-produced Nutin, she says, Living life is sometimes a huge
challenge. Once in a while, you need to give yourself a pat on the back, let go of your inhibitions, say Nutin Do You and know everything will work out for your own good!

For Lami, music is a means of communicating the essence of life, as we know it. Music heals, music speaks; it teaches and guides. Music is more than words, more than notes and beats. It is lifes way of conversing with the human spirit.

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