Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mo'Hits Reply Kelly Handsome

On September 30th, Kelly Handsome released a Diss track on Mohits Crew and Terry-G and we can say BOY aint smiling @ all! I guess Kelly took the move of publicity, I wonder who adviced him to do that! That person only wanna ruin his Career! I also heard some people saying, he wants to be the 50cent of Africa/ Nigeria (Dissing Anyhow)... Na Wa O!

Now its November, though it ain't official, but On his DON JAZZY, Twitter Page wrote, "Kelly Handsome diss Mohit, sooooo? like i care" I guess that the only Reply He Needs! and He gotten it already!

Now from our conclusion, Mohits is telling Kelly Handsome, that Silent is the Best Answer for a Fool!

And On Terry-G, Same Issue, after the Kelly Handsome diss, He released his New Single/Video "Test the Microphone remix" and from our conclusion, he tryna send a message to Kelly Handsome, that he will keep on testin the microphone, even with his mad attitude, he's one of a kind!

Well Who WIN who Lost on this ISSUE?

Its Obivious NoW! Mohits & TerryG Win the battle, Sorry Kelly, Try Better Next time! and Try somethin esle, and We hope U already invested in somethin fruitful with the Maga don Pay HIT Money... coz if not, well We cant shout! LOL...


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Charles mbamalu said...

Well everybody has his own atitude like me i will take MOHITS to next level if i happen to be a member of the crew,i will be justin bieber of africa,{Cruxifico4real@yahoo.Com}

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