Tuesday, November 10, 2009

General PyPe!

Talented NIGERIAN PYPE is the definition of the raw ghetto beauty. He's blessed with a structure that stands side by side with nature. A slim size, but large with so much creative endowments in music entertainment. His versatility spans wide which ranks PYPE as a perfect piece of art in all spheres of art. His style epitomizes the rare beauty in the ugly realities that exist in the society. Endowed with an appearance which shows a direct contrast of what his versatility and wit in music can achieve. This BOUNTY KILLERS stage protégé whose resounding notes speaks of total freedom from the fetters of the harsh streets. As a creative entity, theres so much to study from showcasing this unique talent, a rare gift whose strong voice and rendition is reminiscent of the classical era. Born and raised in the ghetto, PYPE is a true ghetto soldier who is determined to show the reality about the ghetto. Born Majekodunmi Olayiwola Ibrahim, in the early eighties, his love for the ghetto children is very remarkable orchestrated by his series of experience, while growing up. He is not happy with the way our greedy politicians ruin the lives of the youths, to satisfy their inordinate ambitions. The politicians dem nuh care bout we at all. Dem murder we future evryday likkle pickney dem lack proper brutupsy, the basic thins wey dem need fi grow mi wonder why dem call we the future leaders when a whole heap a dem busy suffer we Says Pype on his painful views about our politicians on their disastrous negligence and the rate at which its affecting the modern society. His major lifestyle model is, Dancehall phenomenon; General Bounty Killer (as he fondly calls him). His roles in the lives of many people in Jamaica, the way he has affected the society, defending the poor and the oppressed even showing them affection is quite challenging. There can be only one Bounty killer when it comes to Dancehall. His lifestyle, his leadership qualities all forms the basis of my inspiration he claims. His deep passion and love for Jamaican-originated culture of reggae and dancehall has infected him and he has continued to infect his street-based fans, with Jamaicas gift to the world. He strongly believes that, a day would come when all the frontline acts in dancehall and reggae will gather in Africa on a tour to unite and heal the nations. The absence of good record labels around his hood, to promote unadulterated dancehall, has however not jeopardized this world- class musicians ambition to impact the society positively as soon as he breaks through every limiting wall. His versatility in delivery, has been linked to many dancehall acts from Jamaica but he can be described as a man overflowing with music and melodies that deal with the more harmonious aspects of life and living he has been showcasing as a future music star, since he was ten years old he was an active member of a ten- man orchestra band as the bass singer dont be surprised however that he can read to some extent, music notes the group performed together at major landmark events for about five years till they broke up at the dawn of the millennium. His journey into reggae/dancehall is not a surprise to most of his peers because of his association with his Jamaican friends, It can be best said that, His rare gift of a voice that can turn any genre around, nurtured by passionate desire, his humorous and, down-to earth personality, the quest to be the best, explains the value attached to his name PYPE an acronym for: Prolific Youth Positive Entertainer and, in every sense of the word, he is a tube, that allows, his irresistible lyrics to flow through. This creative and artistic entertainer, endowed with good songwriting skills, has over 90 personal compositions and still counting, condemns those who try to copy and imitate the Jamaican culture without paying homage and respect to the origin of this culture. Jamaica stands for the truth and there is no way you can be accepted as a true dancehall artist if you are not certified by them I hope to make a remarkable difference by doing things the right way and that is; winning the love of the people of Jamaica and spreading it all over the world. He grew up listening to the likes of Beethoven, Frank Sinatra, Barry White, Don Carlos, U- Roy, Bob Marley; other favorite artists include Supercat, Wayne Wonder, Sean Paul, Barrington Levy, Sizzla, Buju Banton, and Spragga Benz. These musical influences, along with Pypes style, have merged, to create a unique career for him. Currently with XXL UNTERTAINMENT/PODIUM RECORDS, his management company. They have been responsible for his breathtaking live performances and showcases. In order to establish and navigate his career properly, they have continued to explore avenues that will expose him to his waiting fans internationally. He is not one of those artists ready to join the queue the truth is; he has created a queue for others to join in the world of creativity. With a couple of experimental songs like Ghetto vibes, Come with me, hes also featured on songs like; Tears from the ghetto and Calypso by Badder Boiz under the same management. To every ghetto, every city all over the world. The beauty, the struggles, the joy, the pains, the reality, of GHETTO part of you and me, is waiting to be unveiled by this thoroughbred PYPE; with his massive skills, to heal and entertain the streets with hits, we can only get in the mood to move and groove, till Shiloh....