Friday, December 21, 2012

An Asian Lady Sings in Nigerian Yoruba Language

A2 Empire’s First Lady – Indonesian Born Malaysian Raised Renni-Reign, unveils the visuals to her new song “Duro Timi”, a Yoruba version of Ben E King’s “Stand by Me”.
Even though it’s not really unusual to see a Non-Nigerian who has never lived in Nigeria speak a Nigerian Language in this day and age, we think this is rather unusual – you know, making a perfect translation, and making a beautiful melody off a language that’s not your native language. This is simply beautiful and amazing
Directed by Hassaan Islam & Ifedolapo Darlington (Ife-Ezy)
Produced by Ife-Ezy & Gentle Ray

However, If You speak and understand Yoruba, then you will appreciate this…. here is a link to the video...   and the audio

Here is a Little Intro about ReNNi-Reign-

Indonesian born, Malaysian raised, she goes by the name Anggraeni Karisma Putri. Among family & friends she is known as Renni, Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She had passion in singing developed since young, but only being exposed at the age of 11, when she start participating in school shows in singing & school drama. 

However, she Joined a competition back in 2006 with her former group PENDETA, and manage to be in the top 10 for finale. Although they didn't win any 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, the exposure sort of helped her built a bit of her self-esteem because it was pretty interesting experience to be the only female vocal singer in the competition. 

It's pretty interesting journey since 2007 till date, she's working with my fellow brothers from another mother & father for a whole new perspective & flavour. Along with Afro-Asian BrothazZ (A2B)/ A2 Empire (Afro-Asian Empire), they flow in your ears with beautiful music. She is the 1st lady and 1st Asian Lady of A2 Empire, a mixture of culture differences along with her fellow current African band member, bringing you different flavour of music... However, she is grateful for everything, nevertheless this is just the beginning. Stay tune for more.

It's not how you dress or how you look... It's how you represent your vocal style with a blend of good attitude towards building yourself, working with others and towards life in general. She claims to have more to learn, not to aim perfection, but to aim satisfaction for her listeners.

In A2 Empire,there's no such thing as impossible or boundaries. Everyone is talented but your aura speaks for itself & put you on another level. "As the Underdogs, some may dislike us,some may appreciate, despite all that, it's not a competition, but a challenge to improvise better."