Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hitman Presents Babs with "MOVE IT"

Hitman Presents Babs is a duo music team consisting of Hitman (producer) & Babs (artist). the duo met in 2008 through a mutual friend. since then being tryna work together.

An Ex-A2 BrothazZ Member, after moving on from A2 BrothazZ, Babs joined a Band called Comon Ground & performed with them for about year, he eventually left the band in late 2009 to work on this "MOVE IT" single. the song as being produced since January 2010, but cuz of the international analysis, we needed to wait to get a full thumbs up to release it. Hitman presents Babs are currently promoting thr first single titled "MOVE IT". Its a Pop, Hip Hop, Trance Electro, House music & most especially dance music anthem. This Single is Currently NĂºmero UNO on HITZ.FM TOP 10 METZ CHART in Malaysia, where BABs is Based at the Moment... enjoy :)


You can also DOWNLOAD MOVE IT FOR FREE HERE: "Yeah We know Y'all Love Free Stuffs"