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For one reason or the other, i see Nameless as one of the Best Act in the Eastern Part of Africa...

Nameless is one homegrown artist that has proven to the masses that Kenya has its own unique musical talent that can be showcased internationally. With a career spanning over 8 years, it is impossible to discuss Kenyan contemporary entertainment without mentioning his name.
No party is complete without a Nameless jam and every song he has ever released has at one time or the other reached the top of popular Kenyan radio charts.

Indeed it can be said that Nameless is the epitome of new age Kenyan music with his popularity spreading throughout the country and beyond.

Born David Mathenge in Nairobi Kenya, Nameless ventured into the world of music in 1999, while still a student at the University of Nairobi pursuing a degree in Architecture. David participated in a freestyle battle on Nairobi’s Capital FM which he won, landing himself a recording stint with one of Kenya’s leading music producers Tedd Josiah. He recorded his debut single ‘Mega Rider’ – which became an overnight hit and was at the top of the East African Chart show for almost 4 weeks. This success, coupled with the positive response he received from his audience inspired him to pay more attention to his musical talent.

In 2002 he teamed up with female singer Amani and recorded ‘Ninanoki’ with Ogopa Deejays. The track that went on to become a party anthem throughout the East African region. Ninanoki lasted a record of 110 days on the Top Seven at Seven: Nairobi’s Most Wanted on Kiss FM. With this, it was certain that his destiny was marked. With this song, and with many others to follow, Nameless soon became a force to reckon with; a voice that commands the attention of decision makers, the respect of his peers and the love of the people.

Nameless Tours….

Nameless has traveled all over the world promoting his music and shining the spotlight on the budding Kenyan entertainment scene.
His frequent tours to the other East African countries have made him a favorite in the region, earning him numerous nominations and awards at the PAM Awards (Uganda) and the Tanzanian Music Awards.

In July 2004, Nameless embarked on three month a tour of the United States of America. The tour saw him perform 14 shows across 10 states, each time reinforcing the following he already had abroad, while gaining new fans across the USA. This tour has proven to be one of the most popular tours by a east African artist among Kenyans in America

In October through to December 2005, Nameless toured Europe performing in London, Paris, Zurich and Milan.

In June of 2006, Nameless was invited to represent the new urban Kenyan sound at the festival Mundial in Netherlands. His performance at the festival was a great success giving the festival goers a taste of the modern urban sound emerging from Eastern Africa.
Earlier on this year (March 2007) Nameless traveled to Australia on a three city tour of the country. He performed in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, alongside Mandoza, one of South Africa’s biggest entertainment names.

The Nameless Appeal…

It is safe to say that nameless has developed a mastery of the art that lends him cross over appeal amongst his fans. His simple, catchy and memorable lyrics and rhythms have made him a favorite to fans as young as two, to those as old as 80, a feat that very few in his trade have been able to achieve.

And all those who have had the fortune of watching his performance will agree that his command of the stage and ability to keep an audience engaged from start to finish is unquestionable.

Nameless the entrepreneur…

Because of his experience, corporate firms have contracted him to conceptualize commercials targeted at local and international markets. Through his company ZARI MEDIA, Nameless has written jingles for the likes of coca cola, Tusker and close up. He was also commissioned to do the signature tune for Urban Massive, a youthful trendy program on Channel O.
His other company ALTERNATIVE CONCEPTS has also produced a media campaign to enlighten the East African audience of the existence of human trafficking within the region. The campaign, which took the form of a documentary and music video, was sponsored by the American Bar Association, ABA.

Nameless Accolades

Throughout his musical career, Nameless has won numerous awards for his contribution to the entertainment scene, the first of which was the University Arts Achievements Awards, UAAA, in 1999 when he was still a student in University. He has since won 2 Chaguo La Tineez Awards and 4 Kisima awards, under various categories including best male artist, best song, best video and artist of the year.
In Tanzania, and Uganda, he has won a total of 4 music awards, including best male artist Kenya, and artist of the year.

In November 2004, Nameless was nominated for the KORA All Africa Music Awards alongside the likes of Outkast, Kanye West, Lucky Dube, and Usher. The song on the spotlight – Juju, a song that he did in collaboration with Mr. Lenny.

In 2006, Nameless got international recognition and was nominated for the prestigious MTV Europe Awards, under best male artist, Africa. Only 3 other artists in Africa were recognized at the award ceremony, making this a feat wo
ility and this Not only ensured him 4 nominations and 3 awards in the 2006 Kisima awards held in july and one award in the Ugandan pam awards held in October 2006 and one award for best east African single at the Tanzanian kilimanjaro awards . In the same year he was also nominated for the Channel O music awards for best East African male. In 2007 nameless won Best male video Africa at the channel O music spirit of Africa awards, his greatest achievement to date .this award has placed him firmly into the top new generation continental musicians.

Current project
Currently, Nameless is working on his new album to be released later in the year. His song Sinzia, which steps away from the usual party anthem is telling of what his fans should expect from his up coming album – a more personal, more mature, more poetic side of the artist………

International performance venues:

a) Europe:


The United states: - 14 state tour
Australia –
The Middle East – Dubai.
South Africa
Canada (Torornto)
East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi)

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