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Nigeria's Entertainment Industry- Africa’s Power-Hub of entertainment.

Its not longer a new thing that Nigeria serves as the Entertainment Capital of Africa... and the 2nd Largest Entertainment Industry in the WORLD!

A abode where Local Music both Local based and International Based Local Music are Appreciated as well.

Over the years outside Nigeria, there has been a lot of slanderous talks about Nigeria, Nigeria is this, Nigeria is that, but one thing is that if you've not been there, you will never know.

According to to Tuface Idibia he said “You are the one that is responsible for your own image. America is not gonna start saying good things about Nigeria! Nigeria has to say good things about Nigeria!

May God Help Nigeria, but one thing is that, Entertainment Wise, there is a Bright Future for Nigeria, so companies, governments and organizations should start investing in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Naija All the Way


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Banky W - The W Experience- Hear DEM First

Banky W is out with his brand new album and he is here to offer us "The W Experience". "The W Experience" showcases an increased improvement from his last album "Mr Capable" as he worked with a range of producers and a number of star studded features. With this album Banky has revealed a more diverse and expressive side, and his fans are definitely in for a treat. He is sure to run up the charts again with this one.

Listen & Buy Yourself A Copy

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Nigerian Worst Albums In 2009...

By now, we’ve all poured over, ruminated on and argued about the incessant year-end Best Of lists, but overlooked are the impending horrors that the music industry has secretly conspired to inflict upon us during these distracting times. Only by scouring the depraved depths of major label press releases and gluing one’s ear to the money grubbing grapevine of gratuitous drivel does the warning become clear. On the basis and criteria of content and commercial success, Here are the 12 + 1 Worst Albums of 2009, the oncoming detritus to avoid.


Obiwon’s The Rebirth is laced with R&B-tinged melodies and lame hooks. The production overshadows rhymes on most of the album. At the end of the day, we’re left with an album that’s listenable but lacking in lyrical firepower. His comeback effort fell short of expectations; the whole album lacked the same firepower that graced his earlier discs. He then goes ahead to shower the album with some of the most unbecoming invectives like “this is a muted disaster”, “poorly thought-out tracks”, “this is a lazy effort” and “the choruses are nothing but jokes”, among other sardonic remarks.


Steel, an artiste who shares his surname with one of the hardest metals known to man, Steel’s image is ironically as soft as cotton candy. Armed with a Mohawk and a bucket full of lip gloss, Steel first caught our attention with the lead single ‘Omoge’. Steel exhibited evidence of some lyrical ability and a decent sense of humour in tow – ‘Come Vero… go ask Caro… She go say I sweet pass even claro’, but he also inadvertently shows us one other thing and that is singing isn’t one of his strong points. His voice isn’t terrible by any means but I couldn’t help but notice that the sultry dedication to his sweetheart ‘Derinsola’ and the I-don’t-give-a-**** -if-you-leave-me ‘Replacement’, wouldn’t have sounded so lifeless had a Djinee or an Obiwon been singing them instead. It gets a lot worse for Steel when the penmanship that made ‘Omoge’ a moderate hit mysteriously disappears on the rest of ‘Mirage’. He hasn’t done anywhere near enough to capture the heart of the average Nigerian female, doesn’t Steel think dedicating an entire song and eventual single to ‘South African Girls’ was far too audacity. If confidence alone could make an album enjoyable, ‘Mirage’ would have been inline to be considered a classic, but it can’t. Steel’s vocal performance is questionable at best and his light weight lyrical ability conspires to produce one too many songs on ‘Mirage’ of filler-quality. In addition, with an abundance of supportive cast on his d├ębut album, the jury is still out on the man’s own ability.


Having experienced his greatest post-Maintain chart success either being assisted (Yahoozee, Jedi Jedi) or playing assistant (Big Boy), Olu Maintain wasn’t one of them and thankfully, he doesn’t pretend to be. Introducing Olu’s newest money-making team – Kentro World. Kentro Crew consists of four young men namely Olu’s Hausa Lieutenant Bondo Krazzy, the Mayor of London Da Folz, Olu-badan DJ Freaky T and the Prime Minister Flo. Right from his days as one half of the popular group Maintain, you’d have to have an above decent sense of humour in order to fully enjoy Mr. Olu’s music; ‘With All Due Respects Press Play’ (WADRPP) is no different. But there are times when that sense of humour goes left, like on the meaningless IQ-reducing ‘Tomato’. While ‘Lady’ featuring the uber-talented Femi Kuti bore so much potential that when it ultimately disappointed it did so in the most painful fashion. As for ‘Arab Money’, I guess it’s one of those songs only the artiste himself can fully explain what was going through his mind when he penned the lyrics. At first glance, it’s easy to write off Kentro crew as a bunch of Olu’s friends who just happened to have stumbled into one or two of his recording sessions but if you listen closely, you may notice some hints of talent. The result is an album that has several bright spots but ultimately not nearly enough to save it from being sonically disorganized and lacking a true identity. After a few minutes listening to ‘(WADRPP)’, a few things are apparent – Bondo’s charisma is undeniable and DJ Freaky T provides fairly good lyrical humour and together, they balance out the uninspiring Da Folz and Flo who sound lost and in desperate need of artistic direction. It’s ironic that on a group effort where he’s supposed to be introducing his crew, Olu’s image looms so large throughout the album that he tucks each of his artistes firmly behind his shadow. If Olu hopes to release any solo albums from the members of Kentro crew immediately after WADRPP, he should be fully prepared for a disappointing outcome because with the exception of himself, we simply don’t know who Kentro really are, As a matter of fact, kentro family really need another introduction.


This album contains exactly two club hit song – “Halleluyah” and “Free Madness”, a song that will likely end up being banned in Nigeria over the airwaves due to its message. I don’t always agree with the criteria, with which media officials decide upon what records get banned, but this one seems like an easy one. The album did sound boring and monotonous after a while; a classic example of too much of something is not good. On the flip side, the album does contain some OK joints like “Ojukokoro”, “Fall in love”, “Bad Belle”, “Wine dey go” and “Bia Nulo”, which is a sample of Onyeka Onwenu’s version. We are to expect a season 2, God help us!


The album sold 2million copies in first two weeks of release; it’s just hearsay because that figure cannot be confirmed. Most of the tracks on this album were produced by Paul Okoye for Rudeboy productions except ‘E no easy’ produced by J martins,’ super fans’ by frenzy, ‘break it’ by Peter Okoye. This guys sure knows about beat from their dance track to their love songs. Even though this track is doing well in the market [nothing compared to their previous effort] but it remains the worst album from the duo. The video of danger reminded me of “Busta rhymes dangerous”. The beat and the tune of the track titled “who dey here” sounds like it is the remix of “Maino’s” hit single “all the above”. One would also notice that the album or their albums all sound so much alike [tonnes of music remaking], it’s like they found a comfort zone and they just decided to stay there. ‘Danger’ is a creatively written song in its right and insanely shot video. Well, we have only seen the video of danger and they didn’t dance at all so lets still keep our fingers crossed may be and just maybe they are tired of copying Michael Jackson’s dance moves.


After a short hiatus, abuja-based super group Styl Plus have quietly released their sophomore album, ‘Back & Better’. Styl-Plus are a breath of fresh air. First off, the Mekoyo produced ‘four years’ highlights the group’s struggle to remain together in this turbulent industry. But it’s on tracks like ‘I no want trouble’, ‘if you go’, and ‘i don tire’ that the group show their superior song-writing The group return to the infectious Yoruba hooks that made them popular in the first place. However, the experimental ‘candy man’ sounds drab while the Big Lo produced ’still gonna love you’ sounds rushed and both songs aren’t of the same quality as the rest of the album. In conclusion, the group still lack the power to break into the music scene as they did back then with ‘Olufunmi’, which gain international recognition. Styl Plus came back but not better. They have a new album ‘Unbreakable’ in stores – what do you think of the album?


ID makes ID- entity semi-enjoyable by overfilling it with real musicians, a record breaking 24 of them in total, and together they state a better case for Cabasa’s relatively virgin singing career. The only problem with inviting the entire population of Akoka and environs to IDentity is that, besides his production which was consistent to a good margin, ID loses the ability to determine the true quality of his own album. As a result, the outcome of IDentity is left squarely in the hands of its collaborators. ID takes a leaf from his friend 9ice’s book of proverbs and recites idioms and wise sayings at the slightest of provocations. Fair enough, these remixes became mere skits but it actually gets you wondering how much of this album actually ID’s idea was. To call this album his IDentity would be misleading. One can’t tell Cabassa’s true style of music. More fitting titles could have been ‘Akoka United’, ‘Coded Tunes compilation CD’ or ‘ID Cabasa & Friends’


James Ikechukwu Esomugha is the undoubtedly one of the most controversial men to ever hit the big screen; The danger in hyping up a new artist so much is that people tend to expect perfection right off the bat. Jim wasn’t helped by the fact that he somehow contrived to do something no other Homo Sapient had done before him and that was to make a song with Tuface on it sound mediocre.If you persevered through that gibberish of an Intro, you would find an interesting listen in ‘Jimiykemania’. The only problem is if you take away the ever-impressive Sound Sultan and remove the deft board work from Puffy T, you are left with emcee Jim dropping lyrical gems such as ‘I’m smooth like a butterfly, sting like a dragon fly’. Really, Jim? Didn’t know Dragon flies stung people. The ironic thing is that one of the album’s weakest songs is also its lead single ‘Who Am I?’ featuring 2 Baba. As compensation for a poor showing however, Jim absolutely wows on the Mike Word-assisted ‘Born to do this’. Take Asher Roth, for instance. Roth gathered reams upon reams of hype prior to his official debut. Music mags dubbed him the “next big thing.” Hip-hop media crowned him the “white Lupe Fiasco.” That none of this is true doesn’t necessarily mean Roth isn’t worth his weight. Asher Roth’s problem, nonetheless you can quote me anywhere; with the probable exception of Osufia, this album is the most impressive crossover effort from a Nollywood actor yet. While it says a lot about Jim’s ‘ability’, it also has a lot to do with the bar being set so low by mediocre albums from Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola and everybody else in between. As much as I may hate to admit it, Jim has some music potential; he’ll just need someone to coach him on how to convert this potential into a solid album. Oh, and as for whom Jim Iyke truly is, I still haven’t got the slightest clue.


Kel writes, raps, sings and her looks is shockingly hot or make that was. As a new comer, nearly 97 percent of her album had guest appearances but I’ll pre-empt any criticisms by saying that the guest appearances make the album an exceptional debut for the Capital Hill artiste. On the last track of the album, Kel decided to auto-tuned that the digital pitch-correction device overshadows the message of the song. The T-Pain robot voice is so annoying that one could easily recommend Jay Z “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” to Miss Kel. Ill Bliss took control of the track with his not too complex punch lines, verbal wordplay, name dropping, and ability to grab-attention with his emphasizing voice. Kel wasn’t intimidated at all by Ill Bliss’s wordplay as she was just “packing what dudes are lacking”. Her first single, Waa wa Alright enjoyed a commercial boost and became an instant club hit. Her charming spitfire comes the familiar baggage – syrupy hooks and Headache-inducing dance beats. Some of the collaborations here could have easily been generated by randomly feeding names of high-profile artists through a hit-making machine.

Remains one of Nigeria’s most original music makers as he is never short of his trademark proverbs, idioms and wise sayings. Tradition had a fair amount of it but it didn’t match up a follow up – probably we should blame the standard the ‘Gongo aso’ album set. A collaboration with Asa and Nneka should have served as but the outcome was more or less known. The question is what happened

In Shayo Master [who is ever a master drunkard?], The beats are ful but Bigiano wanders through an extensive array of song topics so he seldom gets boring. Bigiano brought the catchiest choruses when he does it in Yoruba but overall his song writing skills is not to be bragged about. Listen to ‘No lele’ and ‘people suffering’ then we also battle with the packaging,the track list on the CD sleeve of the album is poorly arranged so tracks on the album’s playlist don’t match the ones on the CD’s track list.

Shank was to introduce Nigeria to an upscale version of dancehall [nothing compared to Timaya and Terry G] with his single ‘julie’ but it fell flat. Hence King kong seem to be a ‘desperate ‘ attempt at recreating his club appeal. D’banj makes an appearance on a track that saw the only chemistry in the collaborations on the album. Akon and Shank on ’shawty’ lack chemistry. A reviewer says “Shank is simply too pop for traditional reggae and too reggae for traditional pop” of the album

we have a 13th album and that’s:

Lagbaja’s least celebrated work is the double CD – sharp sharp and paradise. Did Lagbaja decline with with music making artistry? no, that’s not in question but The music audience was not ready for Lagbaja’s new album. The very fault if the masked one retaining the afrocentric touch in an uncommon music genre – Jazz, as some would convenient want to classify Lagbja’s music. The review was a ‘conscious international effort with delibrate commercial pull for the home front.’ but Lagbaja would agree that the buzz probably blame it on his publicist or the media

Well we hope they are gonna make a full come back with a better hit for their next album, meanwhile we are expecting A2 BrothazZ (Afro-Asian BrothazZ) album "Best of Both Worlds" to hit the Market as soon as it drops, i was opportuned to listed to the tracks and i must say i am very impressed with all what i heared, these guys are talented, all their track are hits on that album, i can't wait for it to drop... am gonna buy mine for me and my family, coz its worth the effort.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The 1st Lady of Hip-Hop/R&B and Soul is back with a Banging Video...




New Video from Sean Paul- Hold My Hand...

Track and Message is on Point..... Nice Reggae Vibes.... Good Job Sean!


Rapper Lil Wayne a DRUG VACCUME! Operation Weezy F BABAY

The DEA has implemented a bold new initiative against Mexico drug trafficking and it comes in the form of Lil Wayne. According to this report from The Onion, the strategy has been a rousing success. The rapper has "already gotten 40 tons of marijuana, 27,000 kilos of cocaine, and 2,000 kilos of heroine off the streets and into his body." And if you need proof of his success, look no further than the clip of Wayne's hilarious, yet incoherent, ramble.

The DEA says Lil Wayne is an indispensable weapon against Mexican drug cartels having eradicated 40 tons of marijuana alone by smoking it himself.


Young Money ft. Lloyd - Bedrock (Official Video)

Here is a Wonderful song/Video from the Young Money Artists feat. Lloyd... from the Young Money Artists Collabo.... new album "We Are Young Money" Album.

BTW this song had O'marion part innit before O'marion got off the Young Money Label... and it was replaced with Lloyds...

Lads & Gents... I present to y'all, Young Money with BEDROCK---


Timbaland + Drake - Say Something (Video)

When two Genius comes together to make a hit, u know a History & Mystery is created! lol...

Here we go with Timbaland and Drake collaboration- Say something


50 Cent - Do You Think About Me (Video)

50 Cent - Do You Think About Me (Video)

Cameos from Vivica A. Fox, Tamala Jones & Tahiry.

This Video is really really koool.... i love the ending part of the video the most!


Mr. Capable is back with the W-Xperience---

When I 1st Heard this Single... I had to put it on Replay... I must say Banky. W. This is a Job Well Done...

Here is Bank. W feat. WhizKid in "Omoge You to Much"... Click Play to Listen...


Chris Brown: “Oprah Stabbed Me In The Back”


Vibe Magazine is relaunching with two covers for their December/January issue. Drake graces one cover, and Chris Brown graces the other.

Chris Brown granted an exclusive, and rather juicy interview where he goes off on Oprah Winfrey.

I didn’t get a call from them or anything. I felt embarrassed, but at the same time I felt stabbed in the back. Ok, Oprah you have so much power and people really listen to what you say. You don’t know anything that went down and you jump to conclusions and start bringing people on the set that have no similarities to me other than a domestic dispute. And then compare them to me when she’s around me and knows me. She could have called me and been like, “Chris, let me get you on my show and I’m going to do this kind of segment.”

Chris Breezy also had something to say about the BET Awards.

It was wack. I’ll keep it a hundred. The BET Awards was horrible. I was watching it, holding my face like, ‘Oh my God this is wack’. I didn’t get it. Michael Jackson was such a big entertainer. And I’m not dissing any of the artists who did the songs. But I was expecting a lot more energy for Michael. And BET Awards usually comes hard. I was expecting them to have Usher, Omarion and even Justin. And I was expecting Ne-Yo to dance. They were so bent on not getting me there that they messed up their own show.

Source: By Bill Johnson


Lami Phillips

Lami Phillips is a singer, songwriter, educationist and youth leader. Her music is groovy yet timeless, versatile and fun. Her lyrics are insightful and relevant, speaking to every day life and peoples constant inner wrangling.

Lami finds inspiration in real life and expressive living. In unanswered questions and peoples experiences, especially her own. Her passion for making a difference, passion for love and life and a need to express something that is larger than herself compelled her to take her musical journey to greater heights. I've realized who I was born to be and what my gift is. God gave me this gift. I didn't work to get it; but I've worked hard to make it relevant and unique.

Lami's first album project Intuition, which drops November 2009, is a mirror of her minds interpretation of life. With a range of influences from Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott to Common and Tupac,
Intuition is a fusion of neo-soul and hip-hop. Working with some of Nigeria's hottest and unique talents eL Dee, ID Cabasa, MI, IKON and OJB, Lami has succeeded in producing a unique blend of contemporary African flavour and classic soul music.

The first single Know, which was produced by and features MI, was, according to the singer, instinct, organic, easy and felt necessary. The song simplifies the complexities about love. It makes you feel good every time you listen to it.

On the second single, the Syndik8-produced Nutin, she says, Living life is sometimes a huge
challenge. Once in a while, you need to give yourself a pat on the back, let go of your inhibitions, say Nutin Do You and know everything will work out for your own good!

For Lami, music is a means of communicating the essence of life, as we know it. Music heals, music speaks; it teaches and guides. Music is more than words, more than notes and beats. It is lifes way of conversing with the human spirit.

You can Cup Lami album for a bonanza prize.... end of the year special @ Lami- Intuition

Buy while offer last..... offer valid between Dec 8-15 2009... purchase for only $4.99

Source: Olamild.


Videos and Highlights from MAMAS (MTV Africa Music Awards 2009)

Here are the Highlights from the Previously Held MTV Africa Awards.... MAMA Awards... Enjoy and don't forget to rate and comment!


Alaba Nigerian “King Of Pirates” Arrested

A breakthrough appears imminent in the war declared by the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition on the piracy scourge at the notorious Alaba International Market in Lagos . On November 23, 2009, many of the traders at the market were stunned when a team of policemen swooped on the self styled “King of Pirates”, Mr. Tony Onwujekwe of Shop AB2 Ubakason Plaza. Until his arrest, Mr. Onwujekwe had been considered untouchable and was alleged to have carried on his piracy business with flamboyance and devil-may-care self assurance.

The raid on Mr. Onwujekwe also called “Eze Ndi Awalawa” followed a report made by Mr. Peter Divine Okah of Divine Trust Concept Limited, a member of Music Label Owners & Recording Industries Association of Nigeria (MORAN), one of the associations in the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition which is also represented on the Board of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON). When the doors to the warehouse of the “King of Pirates” at Alaba were swung open, the police were confronted with thousands of pirated copies of the works of practically every top artiste and producer in the land. Mr. Onwujekwe was first taken to Ojo Alaba Police Station and the case which was initially transferred to Panti CID in Yaba is now being handled by the Special Unit at Force Headquarters, Kam Salem House, Obalende Lagos.
During the meeting of the Board of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) which held on November 25 in Lagos , Hon. John. E. Udegbunam, National President, Music Label Owners & Recording Industries Association of Nigeria (MORAN) briefed members of the Board on the developments in the matter. It was resolved that every step be taken by the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition and COSON to ensure that the “King of Pirates” does not escape justice.

In line with above decision, the firm of G.O. Sodipo & Co., one of Nigeria’s topmost firms of intellectual property lawyers, has been appointed by the industry to follow the land mark case closely and to ensure that no stone is left unturned to bring the suspected king pin of piracy and his cohorts to book.

Determined to finally smash the piracy cabal at Alaba, the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition has also written separate letters to the Inspector-General of Police and the Director-General, Nigerian Copyright Commission on the case. All relevant officials of the government including President Yar’Adua, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Attorney General of the Federation and the Minister of Information and Communication have also been notified of the case.

In the letter to the Inspector-General of Police requesting the “full scale” prosecution of Mr. Tony Onwujekwe alias “King of Pirates” the coalition recounted the several activities embarked upon in recent months by the music industry to draw the attention of the nation to the devastation caused the Nigerian creative community by the massive piracy going on at Alaba Market. In particular, the coalition mentioned the World Press Conference, the National Anti-Piracy Rally, the Mass Hunger Strike, the “No Music Day” Campaign and the recent Stake Holders Forum in Lagos .

In the letter signed by frontline officials of the coalition such as Ms. Onyeka Onwenu, Mr. Efe Omorogbe, Chief Tony Okoroji, Mr. Toju Ejuetitchie and Mr. Laolu Akins, the coalition wrote “We wish to inform you that the arrest of Mr. Onwujekwe in the month of November 2009, the month that the Nigerian music industry resolved to bring down the notorious Alaba piracy, has been a source of wide jubilation in our industry. There is however growing concern in our industry that the case of the “King of Pirates” may be botched and this great opportunity to start the flushing out of the criminals that have held Nigeria ’s creative industries down may be lost”

In continuation, the coalition wrote, “We wish to make it clear that the entire music industry in Nigeria is watching this matter carefully. We are also notifying our colleagues around the world. We believe that there is abundant evidence to begin the full prosecution of Mr. Tony Onwujekwe and his cohorts immediately and to make them red hot examples in the war against piracy and counterfeiting in Nigeria . Nigerian musicians, young and old and the music industry will find it very difficult to accept any excuse for the tardy handling of this matter and we are resolved and will spare no effort to ensure that whoever may be involved in plotting an escape route from justice for Mr. Tony Onwujekwe gets everything that he or she deserves”

In conclusion, the coalition requested the Inspector- General to use his good offices to ensure that the best officers are assigned to the case immediately and that all the agencies of government that need to work together to conclude the matter be brought together immediately. Said the coalition, “this case is absolutely important to the future of the thousands of people who depend on our industry for their livelihood”.

Source: Dro


Friday, December 4, 2009


Well, Well, Well, What do we have here today? Wow!!!!!

So I woke up early this morning because I have to get ready to pack to catch an early flight out of town , and I get a google alert with my name with Rihanna! So of course, I was interested on what the hell would Rihanna have to say about ME??? ME?? Really Rihanna????? Ok...but anyway before I actually read what she had to say about me, my first reaction was,

"Awww how cool! Rihanna is talking about me! She must be talking about how more women who have been in Domestic Violence cases should really support one another!"

I only thought she might have said something like that because recently TMZ asked me about Rihanna and I said that I have nothing against her but that it would send out a nice message if she could speak out about her case and give other victims more hope & feel like they are not alone. I said that in a good intention....but ANYWAYYYYY......I was wrong. Rihanna acutally said the total opposite! Sooooo in that case, You guys know me well by now, and you KNOW, that once somebody fucks with me of gets on my shitlist, You will NOT be hearing the end of me! TRUST!

Rihanna did an interview at a huge LA local radio station, Big Boy and the Morning Show, and had this to say about me (I tried to embed the MP3 Player here but It wasn't working so here is link to it:


SO after I listed to Rihanna bad mouthing me, my first reaction was "WOW! WHAT A BITCH! AND A TOTAL LIAR! WOWWWW!"

But this is not the reason for me blogging about her. I'm not upset that she would give me some free press talking about me on the radio, so thanks RiRi for shouting me out! =)

No, the reason I am GOING INNNNN on her and about to tell the world her DIRTY LITTLE SECRET(told from sources close to Rihanna's camp), is because she knows there's been a lot of controversy about me being "Allergic to Alcohol" but at this point, who the fuck cares! SO here we go.


RiRi....babygirl....First of all, I have NEVER been to ANY AMA Award why are you lying about that? However, I DO remember seeing you at the MTV MUSIC AWARDS, so maybe that's the one you were talking about, but who knows, you probably don't remember because you're so full of yourself and always drunk so I don't blame u for getting confused.

Second of all, you said that you saw me backstage with a drink in my hand? Wow, Im shocked! Cuz from what I can recall, you were so busy being a DIVA backstage and being SO RUDE TO EVERYONE, with your 10 people entourage and Security guards, having people run back and fourth driving them mad, with all your diva and rude behavior! Acting as though you were the biggest star at the MTV MUSIC AWARDS! And as for me? Yes, of course I am no where near you as far as musical Success, and I give u Props for that. I even liked a few of your songs like "Disturbia" and thought your live performance was pretty sexy, even though you sing REALLY OFF KEY when u sing live, but at least you're not lip-singing! Props for that! So back to what I was saying, U said u saw me backstage with a drink in my hand? First of all, how do u know it wasn't just a coca cola?? Majority of my fans KNOW, that I LOVE grape soda, coca cola, and sunkist sodas. So yes, I had I drink in my hand and it was a coca cola. But WTF does that have to do with you?? U were so busy backstage being such a diva, one of your security guards almost pushed me and my manager over just cuz you were walking by! WOW!!!!!!! RUDE! & who are you to condemn anyone for drinking when ur drunk ass is out everynight wasted. Such as these photos, some of thousands of you drunk....but do u see me ever making remarks about u being wasted before? NOPE! So whatever bitch....

Rihanna Drunk and Wasted

Rihanna Drunk and Wasted

Rihanna Drunk and Wasted

So here comes the good part. You want to get on my shitlist? Well congrats hunny, you have officially made it on my shitlist & this is what close sources has told me:


Wow, I'm sorry girlfriend, but you were cool until u decided to open up your mouth about me so I have no choice. Everyone in the entertainment industry knows, you just do not fuck with Tila Tequila and think you can get away with it! Even Perez Hilton knows that(that's another inside story I have about him & myself, but I will post about that in another blog).

So everyone, yes.....I heard from legit sources, that is the HUGE SECRET our prestine, perfect little Princess RiRi, the "IDOL" has been hiding from the media. A very close source of mine, who works in the same legal camp as Rihanna, has told me that the reason why Rihanna wasn't speaking out about the CHRIS BROWN incident is because there was a catch 22 in it. Rihanna has herpes, and....well......I don't wanna put anyone else on blast, but Rihanna has herpes and gave someone else herpes that she had slept with.


So while you cascade around town, acting like yo shit don't stink, and leading the media and your fans into thinking that you are a strong woman, and idol,'s a shame you had to trick them into thinking you are, because truth is, you're ruining other people's lives, infecting people with your STD's, and walking around getting praised and loving the sympathy, when really, in real life you are just a major bitch who could give 2 shits about your fans and all the people who have been supporting you! Including myself! You dont even acknowledge your fans, you know, the people who got you famous??? Yes....those people. THE FANS! The ones that I, myself, acknowledge 247 all the time because if it weren't for my fans, I would not be here today! I love my fans, I don't lie to my fans to make them like me more, and everyone knows it. I have my flaws, but I put it out there, and I let my fans decide on whether they agree with the things I do or not. Im real, and I don't care what anyone has to say about me. All I do is mind my own business, and play with my fans.

But since you're still cascading around town like you're a prefect little princess, angel.....honey I hate to burst your bubbles.....but yes....yo shit really do stink, and even worse.....yo shit has STD's, known as HERPES, down in your private area.

So.....that's about it. Sorry I had to tell the world your DIRTY SECRET, but you left me no choice girlfriend. I knew about your secret for A VERY LONG TIME, but I never told anyone because that was not my business......but since you wanna play dirty with best believe I will give it to you good girlfriend! POW!

Rihanna has STD's and Herpes everyone! & that is the truth from my legit source that has told me. YIKES! So boys, be careful when u wanna tap that ass, cuz that ass will give your dick Herpes if you dont put 3 condoms over it! EWWW!



Ms. Tila-You-Don't-Fuck-With-Me-Tequila

PS-yes, I understand you have a MASSIVELY powerful team behind you such as JAY-Z and all those guys so you feel safe & keep cascading around town knowing that everything wrong you do, will be covered up. I give u props for having such a great PR FIRM. U see? This sucks that I had to call you out cuz now Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce or whoever else is on your team is gonna hate me, and that sucks cuz I LOVEEEEE Jay-Z and Beyonce! They are my heros! But I am willing to sacrifice them hating me now because of what you did. I need to be honest and stay true to who I am, and stay real with my fans. I wish you the best in your next album release. I know I will be buying it.

NOTE TO CHRIS BROWN: I honestly think that you have paid your dues, and I'm definitely on TEAM CHRIS NOW! GO CHRIS! YOU CAN MAKE YOUR COMEBACK AND I FULLY SUPPORT YOU! You have admitted to what you did, and apologized numerous times, You have learned from your mistakes and I think people should really leave that in the past now and let you do your thing. TEAM CHRIS! Love ya baby! And Im glad we squased that beef we had! Love ya!